How much does a tune up cost?

One of a person’s greatest achievements would probably get a car out of his own money. Aside from the money you have shed out from buying your car, maintenance is also another thing you need to spend on. Since this is a machine, it will soon deteriorate at one point or another that’s why the parts need to be replaced or repaired when needed. This is what you call a tune up. If you’re new to car maintenance and have no idea of tune up prices, here is a list of what’s included in tune up.

Once you do a tune up for your car, the following will be done: oil change, oil, fuel and air filter, over-all check-up, replacement of spark plugs and PCV valve, and rotation of the tires. From this list, you will already have an idea that tune ups are costly.

Each of the services rendered for tune ups have different costs. Just for the oil change itself, you will already spend a maximum of $30, depending on the service center you have entered. A maximum cost of $13 dollars is needed for oil filter. The latest PCV valves costs at a maximum of $54. The spark plugs can cost up to $30. Tire rotation can cost up to $2.50 only. The cheapest air filter only costs $15 while the most expensive one can reach up to $128. If you’re going to use the low quality fuel filter, you will only spend $11, but for the best quality, you will need to shell out $95.70.

From the services and items listed, you will already have a total of $144.50 to $353.20. The labor charge is still not included here. The service charge depends on the service center you have entered. For example, you have chosen to enter the quality service center. The service charge will be based on the number of hours the laborers spent on doing your car’s tune up times the shop’s standard rate (ex. 4hrs * $60).

From all the trouble you have caused the laborers plus the cost of the items needed to be replaced, expect that tune up prices will reach a maximum of $500. However, you can look for discount coupons online. The tune up can be done once in a year. It shouldn’t matter whether you’ll spend a lot as long as your car is in a good condition.

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